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STLA / Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship


The STLA is very proud to announce our
NEW Scholarship Award starting in 2017
to honor Dr. Joyce Kimble!

The purpose of the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship
is to assist college-age individuals associated with the STLA
as they work towards various degree programs on a university level.
Dr. Joyce Kimble has long insisted that all young people should have
a strong educational foundation on which they might build a successful and
meaningful life. This annual scholarship honors her many years of committment
to the Texas Longhorn industry, her association with the South Texas Longhorn
Association and its membership, and will benefit those young people
who are growing up in our midst and who will soon become the leaders
of tomorrow.


The rules and applicant information posted below reflect all criteria for the
STLA/Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship as approved the STLA Board of Directors on Feb 1, 2017

The STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship will be a single scholarship award presented by the South Texas Longhorn Association (STLA) and the Kimble Family in late May of each year to serve as a tribute to long-time STLA member, Dr. Joyce Kimble, of Karnes City, Texas for her pioneering work as a Texas Longhorn breeder and for her significant contributions to the Texas Longhorn industry. This award will also honor Dr. Kimble’s dedication to ensuring that all young people receive a strong education upon which they might build a strong and meaningful future.

2.  PURPOSE:  
The STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship will be open to all college-age individuals, between the ages of 19-28 years, who desire to expand their educational work and who have completed at least an Associate’s Degree or completed a minimum of 60 hours of work towards a Bachelor’s Degree with an accredited university or community college (these hours must be completed prior to the current semester which will not finish until May 2017). Applicants must also meet the other requirements for qualification for this scholarship award as described herein.

The total amount of the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship shall be $ 3,000 each year starting in May 2017; this total amount will include a $1,000 donation from the Kimble Family combined with a $2,000 contribution coming from the South Texas Longhorn Association (STLA) Kimble Scholarship Fund.

The total scholarship value can be changed to a lesser or larger amount starting in 2019, if desired, with a majority vote of the STLA Board of Directors and ALSO per written notification of a desire to change the scholarship amount to be made by the Kimble Family. The total amount of the STLA / Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship will be set each year, starting in January 2019, and require a majority vote of the STLA Board to approve and appropriate necessary funding for that year. Funding for the first two years will be implied with the charter vote to approve the scholarship rules and criteria in February 2017.

A qualifying applicant for this scholarship award, or his/her parents or legal guardians, must be current members, in good standing, of the STLA and also must have been members for at least two years during the applicant’s previous high-school years. The individual applicant or the parents/guardians must also have maintained membership with STLA as the student has completed high-school and entered their college career.  A combination of membership status of the parents/legal guardians and also membership of the individual applicant can be combined to qualify as the student matures and enters college.
A Junior or Youth membership with STLA will be honored as membership criteria for the two high-school years, provided that the individual then upgrades to a regular membership as they enter college or their parents/legal guardians maintain membership status at that point.
All membership status information furnished with application materials will be verified against STLA membership records. Legal guardianship will also be verified.

5. GPA REQUIREMENT: A qualifying applicant for the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship must have maintained at least a 3.00 GPA for all previous college work and shall also furnish an official copy of their school transcript of classes/grades for verification as part of their application materials.

6.  AREA OF STUDY: The STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship will be available to students in any area of study on the college level. With the prerequisite of earning an Associate’s degree and/or with work towards a Bachelor’s degree, it is expected the student will follow in a similar or associated field of study with future classes.

7. RECOMMENDATION LETTERS: An applicant must provide two Letters of Recommendation as part of their application materials: 

The first letter to come from a ranching associate or mentor involved within the Texas Longhorn industry; and the second letter is to come from a professor, advisor, or other educator with whom they have worked as part of their previous college classes.

8. REQUEST AND ESSAY: Each applicant must complete and submit two written documents along with their completed Application Form:

(a)  A cover letter signed by the applicant describing current and previous studies, future educational and career plans, and the type of degree plan or class work he/she is planning for the future and for which requested scholarship monies might be applied.

(b)  An essay (1,000 word minimum) based on the selected topic for the current year. The essay is to be provided in a type-written format, double-spaced. The essay topic for the current year will be presented on the Application Form and established by the STLA Scholarship Committee each year prior to a call for applications.
9. APPLICATION FORM/DEADLINE:  Each applicant must complete the Application Form in its entirety and must submit this information along with the other necessary materials by the due date of April 15th each year. Full submission details will be provided as part of the Application Form and on the STLA website each year. All application materials must be postmarked by the April 15 date to be accepted.

Each applicant must also provide a recent color photograph to accompany the Application Form (this can be an image hard copy print or a .jpeg image file). If the applicant is selected as the winner of the scholarship award, this photo will be used for announcements to the STLA membership, other promotions about the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship, and also for any press releases concerning this scholarship award.

10. SELECTION AND DETERMINATION: Selection of the qualified recipient each year will be made on a case-by-case basis related to ALL application information received.  The STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship is open to all individuals who are affiliated with the STLA and all applicants who meet the basic qualifications will be considered regardless of socio-economic status, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or disability.

Students who have already received an STLA Youth Scholarship Award or STLA / Central Life Sciences Scholarship Award are eligible to apply for the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship, but being a recipient of a previous scholarship via STLA will not increase or lessen consideration for this scholarship.

Upon receipt of materials at mid-April, applications will be reviewed by both the STLA Scholarship Committee and the Kimble Family. The Scholarship Committee will use a points rating system for evaluating and verifying the application materials and will then make recommendations concerning the selection of a recipient. However, the final selection decision each year will lie with the Kimble Family based on those overall recommendations from STLA.

In the event of there being two individuals who rate equal consideration and there is a tie for the award selection, the STLA Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the Kimble Family, can propose/request adding a second recipient for that year and approval for additional funding would require a majority vote of the STLA Board to adjust to having two recipients rather than one. This would require a special vote for this situation, need a majority vote to approve, and would apply only to that given year.

11. ANNOUNCEMENT OF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT: The STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship award will be announced and presented as part of the STLA Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) normally held each year in late May. The Kimble Family will have a representative involved, along with the Chair of the STLA Scholarship Committee, to make the presentation each year and the award certificate will be presented to the recipient at that time. There will not be any prior public announcement of the scholarship award, unless postponed scheduling of the STLA AGM might create an issue with the timely disbursement of scholarship funds for the recipient.

 Each recipient will be required to send a “Thank You” letter to the STLA Membership (in care of the current association President) within 30 days of notification of the Scholarship Award. The recipient must also notify the STLA Scholarship Committee of the name and contact information of the school that they will be attending including necessary information for STLA to send the funds to the recipient's school of choice.
All Scholarship monies will be funded directly to the recipient's school and applied to the recipient's account at the school. The funds are to be paid to the school during the current year of the award. If there is a need to delay payment to a subsequent year, the recipient must receive approval from the Scholarship Committee to delay payment in order not to forfeit the scholarship award, but in no instance, will a scholarship funding payment be delayed longer than 18 months from the date of the award notification.

If Scholarship monies have been issued to a college or university as directed by a recipient for upcoming tuition and the recipient then elects to not attend the school during that year or the next consecutive year, it is expected that the Scholarship monies will be returned to the STLA Scholarship Fund.

Any additions, deletions, and/or changes to the rules and guidelines concerning the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship must have approval, by a majority vote, of the STLA Board of Directors and along with prior written approval by the Kimble Family. The Kimble Family may also initiate a request for changes at any time, but all alterations shall also require the approval by the STLA Board.

The STLA Scholarship Committee will be appointed each year by the association's President before August 1st and shall consist of at least two current STLA Directors and one other STLA member. This committee will have the responsibility to receive and review the submitted application materials for this scholarship award and coordinate with the Kimble Family to make a selection of the recipient of the scholarship each year between the April 15th deadline and the late May announcement date. Committee members will be involved at the STLA AGM to make the presentations of all scholarships for that school year.

STLA Scholarship Committee members cannot have a child or family member apply or be considered for this scholarship award.
The Scholarship Committee will also coordinate with the STLA Treasurer and provide necessary information for the proper distribution of scholarship funds to the recipient’s school.

Failure of an individual awarded the STLA/ Dr. Joyce Kimble Scholarship to comply with the scholarship rules as stated herein shall automatically constitute a disqualification and forfeiture of any scholarship monies. The submission of any false information, or incomplete information, as part of application process will be cause for disqualification.

The STLA Scholarship Committee will be responsible for the administration of this scholarship along with the other STLA Youth Scholarships. The STLA Treasurer will keep a separate recording of the monies dedicated to the Kimble Scholarship Fund and the scholarship monies will be kept in and disbursed from the STLA General Fund, unless the Board of Directors directs the Treasurer otherwise.



All scholarship applications and materials must be
mailed to STLA and postmarked by April 15, 2017
to qualify for review.

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Submission of Appplications & Materials


For more information, please e-mail:

Suzanne Perry

Please send all completed application and all associated
materials/documents by US Mail or overnight service to:

Suzanne Perry
STLA Scholarship Committee Chair
1004 Lisa Drive
Austin, TX 78733

Last update: 02/13/2017


Last Update: February 13, 2017
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