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The rules posted below reflect all guidelines and revisions made concerning this award
and approved the STLA Board of Directors as of January 2018.


The STLA / Nathaniel Faske Mentorship Award is to honor
the memory of one of our energetic young members who died tragically
in April 2017. This educational award will recognize other youth who work
to continue his legacy of helping others.


PURPOSE:   This educational scholarship will be presented annually by STLA to honor the memory and dedication of STLA member, Nathaniel Faske, who was killed in a tragic auto accident. Even though just a young man himself, Nathaniel had served on the STLA Board of Directors and also had long been a fixture on the youth show circuit working in various capacities at our STLA Shows. He served as mentor to many of the younger exhibitors, always helping to teach, guide, and assist them with showmanship skills and show procedures,  as well as the proper care of their animals. This award is established  to help pay tribute to these ideals and to honor other young people who continue this legacy.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any youth between 16-21 years of age,  involved with STLA, is eligible to be nominated and selected for this award. The nominee must be a Junior (Youth) member or a Regular member, in good standing, of the STLA.

AMOUNT:  The STLA / Nathaniel Faske Mentorship Award  will be a single $1,000 educational scholarship given each year. Funding of the award will be made directly to the recipient's college account or put in a scholarship account with STLA, for educational use only, until the student graduates high-school and makes a school choice for future college education.

SELECTION AND DETERMINATION OF RECIPIENT:   The STLA Scholarship Committee will have the responsibility to administer this award.  Each year at the close of the STLA Show season in late April, the Scholarship Committee will request nominations of two eligible young people, to be made by vaious observers at the shows. The nominees will be those individuals who have demonstrated many of the mentorship qualities that were shown by Nathaniel Faske and who have also exhibited extra involvement, hard work, and/or dedication pertaining to our STLA Shows throughout the season.  
From the list of all nominees submitted, the Scholarship Committee will create a ballot to be sent back to the nominating committee for the final selection of that year's recipient. This written vote will be made and returned to the Scholarship Committee Chair by e-mail by May 7th of each year. In the event of a tie vote, the Scholarship Committee must request a special vote for additional funding from the Board of Directors to make two awards applicable for that year.
The recipient for this award may also be a current Youth Scholarship applicant for the same year or a previous STLA Youth Scholarship or STLA Kimble Scholarship recipient. Having earned a previous scholarship from the organization, or being in the process of application for another award,  does not help to qualify, or disqualify, any individual for this special scholarship. This is a special award, based on nomination only, to be given in addition to the other STLA Scholarships.


The winner of this annual award will be selected directly by STLA.
No applications are required.


For more information or if you have questions, please e-mail:

Suzanne Perry

Suzanne Perry
STLA Scholarship Committee Chair
1004 Lisa Drive
Austin, TX 78733


Last Update: January 29, 2018
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